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“The artist is not meant to be put in the boxes the industry so passionately wishes to market us in!”

“The only lines and limits, are the ones we try to impose on art forms for the sake of training the next generation of developing artists.”

I am a Los Angeles based classically trained singer and actor.


My passions lie in discovering and diving into the most honest, deep, and funny levels of humanity in my own work, and helping my clients discover complete freedom, and ownership of their art across all genres. 

As a teacher, I keep my studio small, diving deep to help my clients free their body, mind and heart, to step into the career of their dreams.


Because technique- while fundamental to the foundation of your training- is only a small percentage of what builds a powerful artist with lifelong confidence and captivating performances.

I have studied voice and performance for over 18 years, holding a masters degree in classical vocal performance, from San Francisco Conservatory of Music, a leading opera and classical voice conservatory in the country.


As artistic expression in one genre was far from enough to satisfy my artistic curiosity, I continue my studies privately with master vocal and acting instructors in LA. Now working to blend techniques, to prove Singing and Acting are one in the same: an experience and expression of total embodiment and freedom.

- Kateland Cunningham

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