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Questions and answers

Success begins with a question.

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Kateland.

I am a professional actor, singer and teacher.

What I want most in this world is to help people realize the art and artist within them. To inspire others to open their minds and ask the big questions, the questions whose answers change your life forever. These answers unlock the deeper truth of you and the world: the place where your true potential lies.

I love movies, musical theater, classical music, podcasts, and a good guilty pleasure series to binge.


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How do I teach?

I tailor acting and singing lesson plans to the individual student their:


and develop common vocabulary with each student based on how they feel and experience the songs, scenes and exercises we explore.

Lessons are typically a balance of engaging the imagination, exploring the physical experience of different techniques, and then backing it up with relevant historical, scientific, and psychological information that can help to clarify questions about what they are feeling when they perform.

Why do I teach this way?

I am a classically trained singer and actor.

I received my Bachelor’s of Music from University of California Irvine, and my Masters of Music from San Francisco Conservatory of Music, both in vocal performance.


At the conservatory I focused on classes in training the musical brain and becoming a teaching artist. I am very interested in the psychology of studying and training art and how to most efficiently develop the artist through the most fun and easy to understand methods.


Post graduation I focused on acting, developing my skills beyond what was taught in the conservatories, becoming a classically trained actor. I teach a very Stanislavski / Stella Adler approach, and use Socratic Methods to guide and enlighten the artist to the truth and freedom of their art within the context and form of its history, so that they can be grounded in their creative choices and have faith in all performances and auditions. 

Vocally I specialize in pop/ rock, musical theater, and classical music, and train actors in drama and comedy: everything from Shakespeare through contemporary works. I have been teaching since 2011.

What do I believe?

I believe all people have the potential to be artists.

All people are creative and inventive. To decide to take your creativity a step further and invest the time, energy, and passion in training is how you become an artist.

I believe all people deserve to be treated with respect.

It is impossible to learn and grow in anything if every choice and mistake you make is minimized and criticized.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to me that my studio remain an open space, a safe learning environment, where all questions are welcomed and mistakes are encouraged: because we can not grow until we try.

I believe when you feel and live fully in your performance, the audience will feel fully and be captivated by your performance. I help artists to explore the full depths of their range and potential so that they never sell themselves or the audience short.

I believe in trusting your intuition.

It will liberate your creativity and will help guide you through making important life and career choices to build a life most aligned with your goals and passions.


I believe the biggest blocks artists face are tied directly to tensions:

tensions held in the body, our hearts, or our beliefs are what are typically blocking us from reaching complete freedom and truth in our performances, and I enjoy helping artists over those hurdles so they can claim full artistic integrity. 




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