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Hi Friends!

I am currently a vendor for:

Gorman Learning Center

Blue Ridge Academy

Sage Oak Charter Schools

Compass Charter Schools

Epic Charter Schools

If you are a student enrolled at a different school please reach out and I will get connected with the school! 

I look forward to working with you! <3


Singing should be fun and easy!

You should get to work on music that inspires and excites you!

In our lessons you will:

Become confident in your voice, and all of your creative choices!

Learn how to sing freely in any and all genres!

Tap into your honest emotions and fill the song with life!

Why do I value these principles?


Your creative vision is a cornerstone of your unique gift!

Truly healthy singing can carry your voice across all genres of music

Heart connected performances set you up for career success and valuable life skills!

Charter School Lesson Rates:

1 Hour Lesson -  $120

30 Minute Lesson -  $60

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