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M.E. 2.0 Journal Guide is your roadmap to deep personal growth and artistic reflection to set you up for life and career success as a performer!

Included are workbooks for:

Subconscious Journaling

Gratitude Journaling

"I am...." Journaling

Daily Journaling Prompts


M.E. 2.0 Journaling Guide is a PDF Guide book. You must buy your own separate journal and pen from your favorite store to complete the activities described in this PDF Guide Book. 

M.E. 2.0 Journaling Guide

  • M.E. 2.0 Journaling Guide is a 77 page PDF Journaling Guide to guide you down your unique personal path of self discovery, and lead to creative growth. Packed with imagry and exercises to inspire and cultivate self reflection, sensitivity, and awareness! You will get out of it, what you intentionally invest into each exercise! xoxo- katie

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