"When Kateland first told me about her class, I thought wow I can try this, I'd never sought out singing but it's more than that and how Kateland showed me how it relates to acting, I was amazed, and how comfortable I felt with the techniques Kateland teaches, and I know you will be sweetly amazed!!!" - Marc G


When you are ready to step into the voice you've always wanted and known you have within!



For Artists and Music Lovers who want to discover the power of their voice without the long, confusing & stressful journey

Sing with Complete Freedom

Connect to and Perform with the Deepest of Emotions

Let go of the tensions holding back your high notes!​

Want an easy, fun, ego free place to learn to sing with confidence?

Step confidently into YOUR creative choices

Have Consistently Masterful Performances 

Easy tools to release tension, sing with ease and take pride in performance


Release to find the power you've always desired to have in your low notes!

This is your opportunity to FINALLY develop the Voice Of Your Dreams

Learn what your voice should feel like when it is completely free of doubts and tension


Learn how to perform with deep access to your authentic emotions.

Yes, even those "blocked emotions", stressing over them will be a thing of the past

Select the transformation right for you! 

Feel the fulfillment of a performance glow every time you perform, audition and practice

Have complete faith in your creative choices

Musical choices and acting/ performance choices

Become the Respected Singer You've always wanted to be, and deep down know you are!

What is the Respected Singer?

A Singer who is respected and recognized for their creative choices.

A Singer who is confident in themselves and powerful in their craft.

A Singer who stands out from the crowd because they know their bold choice is the "Right Choice."

A Singer who captivates their audience! Their Voice is free, because it is grounded in their deep authentic emotion

Select the transformation right for you! 


This will work even if:

Especially If
Because Really, You Know You Can

Why Embodied Artistry?

You have had not so great experiences in the past

Your desired vocal sound feels like a distant dream

Your emotions feel bottled up inside you

Your inner vision/ creative vision for your performances feels like its just not enough

If you want to be 

Embodied Artistry is Perfect for You

The Respected Singer

I have had 4 different vocal coaches in my life. Kateland is the first person that truly taught me how to use my voice and grow vocally. She is so incredibly kind and patient. If ANYONE were to ask me who they should contact for vocal lessons Kateland would be my recommendation hands down. She took the time to learn how i learn so that she could teach me about the voice in a way that would click with me. I have never had the growth vocally that I've had with her in just a few months of working with her. 

Trust me, choose her, you won't regret it for a second!

-Catherine J.

"I worked with Kateland on a song for a musical theatre audition and it was SO helpful! She brought not only an understanding of music and healthy technique, but also helped me understand how my voice works so that I can get the sound I want from a place of more understanding of my instrument. She really brings a personal approach to each student, I always felt like she was really listening to my voice and approaching it from a unique perspective of how it felt for me and what I personally needed. She's also super sweet and encouraging, so the lesson was not only helpful but fun too! I highly recommend working with her."

-Lauren B.


Who is Embodied Artistry For?

Glad you Asked!



For performers ready for singing to finally make sense


For performers ready to ditch their limitations and vocal discomfort!

For Singers who are ready to step up their game and get the attention they deserve!

For Actors ready to feel more deeply or carry their emotional depth into their singing!

For Singers ready to free their emotions and sing not just with vocal power, but captivatingly from the heart!



You are ready for

Embodied Artistry.png

When you are ready to:

Let go of doubts and vocal tensions

Access free authentic emotion to unlock greater power in your voice

Feel the fulfillment of performance glow every time you perform, audition, and practice

Have complete faith in your creative choices

Sing with your Dream Voice and become the Respected Singer!

I am Ready

Not sure if Embodied Artistry is right for you?

If you are looking to avoid:

A life time of wondering if you could really sing that high or low note of your dreams

A teacher that strokes your ego but never guides you to your full potential

Regretting that you never shared your gift with people or saw it through all the way, because of one jaded persons feedback​

If the idea of:


Having clarity in your process

Faith in your creative choices

Mastery over your singing

Becoming Respected and Competitive in your field

is right for you!

Embodied Artistry.png

Some Performers 

Spend countless years!

Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars studying in programs and with teachers who "know their stuff" BUT dodn't know how to teach it, or sometimes even HOW they do it themselves.

Chase their dreams without clarity or direction about how to build towards it.

Put their faith in the wrong coaches and instructors who made them "grow a thick skin" disconnecting from their ability to tap into their creativity.


If this sounds like your cup of tea

Becoming Respected comes from being respected

To squeeze out the high notes

Have my voice disappear on the low notes

Doubt my every impulse

Disconnect from my intuitive choices

Hold my Voice back

Hold my career back

I Know What it Feels Like


I Developed 

Embodied Artistry.png

to help Singers, Actors, and Passionate Performers overcome and FlY over hurdles like the above!

Because I believe, when you are ready, you have waited long enough!

Its time for the pieces to come together,

for things to make sense,

for singing to finally feel free and fun!

a wholistic approach to singing.

(and no it's not a woo woo thing)

its about creating and discovering your unique artistic process!

vocal exercises rooted in healthy vocal technique to align your resonance so you can sing with freedom and ease.

What is Embodied Artistry?

shifting your mindset to quiet + release your doubts- allowing for the greatness you already have within to take center stage.


emotion + acting exercises to help you fully embody and execute your unique creative vision.

It is your unique perspective, that sets you apart from the crowds, and earns you the recognition and respect your art deserves!

Artistry is: How you do what you do!

when you are ready to learn the how so you can do all the whats you've ever desired...

I'm here to help

I am Ready

What are other Embodied Artists Saying?

"Katie is by far one of the best vocal coaches I have ever worked with (and I've worked with a LOT). She makes everything easy to understand and execute. I always leave feeling accomplished and like I've grown in my craft. Plus she explains it in such a way that I'm really able to have some muscle memory for the techniques she uses. It's always both an educating and entertaining experience."

-Heather S


"Katie is an amazing singer and incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her craft!  She personalizes each lesson with the student's goals in mind.  Katie is reliable, kind, fun, and a great teacher!  I have dramatically improved vocally since working with Katie...she works you until you get it right, I love that!  Katie is the BEST...I highly recommend her! =)"

-Brooke H

"I had a phenomenal experience with Kateland! Me being a novice in regards to understanding my own voice instrument and how it all works, I really appreciated how she broke down scientifically all the different parts that go into the sounds we make when we sing or even talk. I felt very educated after my session! With guidance from Kateland I was able to play around with my voice and explore my own sound. From breathing technique to where I should focus my voice depending how high or low I needed to go I was really able to improve the quality of my singing from just ONE lesson! Two thumbs up, 5 stars, 10 out of 10 this girl knows what she's doing. Highly recommended!"

-David L

"Absolutely GREAT singing teacher! I always knew I could sing soprano and I am finally singing soprano thanks to Kateland. It's amazing. I am learning so much about the mechanics of singing also- ie. use of breath, tongue placement. It's absolutely facinating. Kateland is a gifted teacher and a beautiful and inspiring singer."

-Mira C


"I think Miss Cunningham's greatest strength as a teacher is her ability to adapt and personalize the lessons and teaching style depending on her student's needs.

I have a musical background but have struggled with singing for years, and I am blown away by her expertise. She is fantastic about communication through email, but more importantly -  Lessons are fun!"

-Dan S.

"Kateland is an amazing vocal teacher! I've never had lessons before and she makes it fun while explaining everything so I can understand. Thank you!!!"

-Misty C.


Hi I'm 


I am a Voice + Artistry teacher & Actor

I have studied voice for 16 years. I got two degrees in classical vocal performance before I realized my heart was aching for my first passions: ACTING AND MUSICAL THEATER


You see, when I first stared out, I knew musical theater was my genre of choice, but all the experts with all their great advice said: "get classical training" , and you would be able to sing any thing!

i wanted to be the best and be able to sing anything so thats what i did!

Was it the right choice or just a long detour?

What would you say if I answered BOTH!

My biggest take aways from the experience:


when you feel, your audience will feel, when your audience feels your art becomes captivating!



trust your intuition, make the life and career choices that align with your passions, and you will never be wrong.


Embodied Artistry is for singers, actors and performers of all levels.

If you desire to turn heads when you sing

If you desire to quite that pesky voice called self doubt

If you want to take pride in your voice in every performance, audition and practice session

If you are ready to discover and  bring your unique creative vision to life...

Select the transformation right for you! 

Because you deserve more!

Nothing should hold you back!

Vocal freedom is attained when we release physical tension and mental blocks.

You deserve to enjoy singing!

What's currently holding you back?

Feeling stuck from a technical standpoint?

Self doubt from a past experience?

"This was quite honestly what i needed to hear today. Your tips were extreamly helpful and helped bring perspective in my own creative process! "


" Thank you! You're the beeest! I seriously believe I would not have learned this quickly and throughly with anyone else <3"

-Samantha P.

Select the transformation right for you! 


I am ready to understand my voice and have clarity in my process!

I am ready to have faith in all of my creative choices!

I am ready to have mastery over my singing!

I am ready to knock peoples socks off!

Have a question?