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So often we tell ourselves we can't do something because it wasn't perfect the first few times we ever tried our hand at it, when all you ever really needed was patience and a someone to show you how...

Perhaps you have taken lessons in the past but you didn't get the results you wanted, or even worse, found that singing became much harder or confusing from a teacher's "technique"! 

Or you are new to singing and want to develop life long healthy singing habits and the confidence to share your passion and musical storytelling with the world.

I work one on one with every student, in an ego free and safe environment, to help them develop healthy vocal production and a roadmap to achieve their unique musical and career goals. 


I deeply believe in, and advocate for, the intentional and intelligent artist, equipping all of my students with the confidence, tools, and training to make and trust their own artistic choices, both in shaping the music and in shaping their careers.


I offer both in home lessons or a studio location.

Kateland has been teaching voice lessons since 2011. She has her Masters of Music in Voice Performance from San Francisco Conservatory of Music, her Bachelors of Music from UC Irvine, and is a trained teaching artist.

Kateland's unique approach to teaching is an amalgamation of her years of classical training and performance, career goal setting, mindfulness, and acting training. She specializes in teaching musical theater and opera to students of all ages.

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