I help music lovers and artists develop and discover the power of their voice with tools to release tension, sing with ease and hone the confidence to make artistic choices they can take pride in

Want an easy, fun, ego free place to learn to sing with confidence?

  • Let go of the tensions holding back your high notes!

  • Release to find the power you've always desired to have in your low notes

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"Katie is by far one of the best vocal coaches I have ever worked with (and I've worked with a LOT). She makes everything easy to understand and execute. I always leave feeling accomplished and like I've grown in my craft. Plus she explains it in such a way that I'm really able to have some muscle memory for the techniques she uses. It's always both an educating and entertaining experience." -Heather S

"Katie is an amazing singer and incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her craft!  She personalizes each lesson with the student's goals in mind.  Katie is reliable, kind, fun, and a great teacher!  I have dramatically improved vocally since working with Katie...she works you until you get it right, I love that!  Katie is the BEST...I highly recommend her! =)" -Brooke H

"I had a phenomenal experience with Kateland! Me being a novice in regards to understanding my own voice instrument and how it all works, I really appreciated how she broke down scientifically all the different parts that go into the sounds we make when we sing or even talk. I felt very educated after my session! With guidance from Kateland I was able to play around with my voice and explore my own sound. From breathing technique to where I should focus my voice depending how high or low I needed to go I was really able to improve the quality of my singing from just ONE lesson! Two thumbs up, 5 stars, 10 out of 10 this girl knows what she's doing. Highly recommended!"

-David L

"When Kateland first told me about her class, I thought wow I can try this, I'd never sought out singing but it's more than that and how Kateland showed me how it relates to acting, I was amazed, and how comfortable I felt with the techniques Kateland teaches, and I know you will be sweetly amazed!!!" - Marc G

"I worked with Kateland on a song for a musical theatre audition and it was SO helpful! She brought not only an understanding of music and healthy technique, but also helped me understand how my voice works so that I can get the sound I want from a place of more understanding of my instrument. She really brings a personal approach to each student, I always felt like she was really listening to my voice and approaching it from a unique perspective of how it felt for me and what I personally needed. She's also super sweet and encouraging, so the lesson was not only helpful but fun too! I highly recommend working with her."

Lauren B

The Respected Singer

You deserve to enjoy singing too! Whats holding you back?

Self doubt from a past experience?

Perhaps you or someone close to you has said:

Feeling stuck from a technical standpoint?


of tight high notes and untapped vocal power

Q: So what does that all mean?

A: Vocal freedom is attained when we release physical tension and mental blocks

Q: Where do these physical and mental blocks come from anyway?

A: Our Culture!


You probably wouldn't deny it if I told you the world we live in is stressful.

- When we walk through life with stress it causes tension in the body.

- Tensions that most of us are so used to carrying with us we don't even feel it anymore until the moment we release it.


So whats up with the English Language?

- Some consonants in English (as well as several other languages) are created using the back of the tongue

  • Give it a try! Pronounce the word GIRL slowly outloud and you can feel how the word lives in the back of your mouth.

Our culture loves young prodigies. They inspire us, and feed our narrative of the American Dream while we watch them rise to stardom!

Whats happening while they rise to stardom?

The people who "discovered" them are making a nice profit!

Thats the secret! They are simply easier to market and make money on than the person who took a few years to develop a solid reliable technique.

(Something young prodigies are going to have to do anyway to have their career crossover into adulthood.)

It isn't because prodigies are more talented or deserving, They simply figured out some cornerstones of vocal coordination earlier in life.

I know how it feels to struggle for the high notes and feel strangled for the low notes before learning to relax and find freedom in the high and low ends of my voice.

I Promise​

1) As your voice develops you will have the strength and freedom to sing the way you always wanted in any genre!

2) All lessons are in a safe ego free environment where we play, try, make mistakes, let them go and succeed!

3) I wont ever waste your time and money. If I am not the right teacher for you, I will recommend another. Every teacher will explain healthy vocal technique slightly differently and that can make all the difference in your development. I have many friends and colleagues that I respect that can also lead you down the path of success. 

How It Works

1) Email to schedule a lesson

2) We will discuss your questions and goals and create a customized lesson plan

3) In each lesson we will explore exercises that you will use as practical tools to develop your voice and improve your songs

6 ways to level up release vocal tension 

and Self Doubt 

What Is Stopping You?


  • A life time of wondering if you could really sing that high or low note of your dreams

  • A teacher that strokes your ego but never guides you to your full potential

  • Regretting that you never shared your gift with people or saw it through all the way, because of one jaded persons feedback

  • Singing will feel freeing and powerful

  • You will take pride in your creative choices

  • You will knock peoples socks off with your development! 

  • If this is your career path you will be and feel ready to walk into that next audition room and hold your own.




Vocally Free



Have a question?

I work one on one with every student, in an ego free and safe environment, to help them develop healthy vocal production and a roadmap to achieve their unique musical and career goals. 


I deeply believe in, and advocate for, the intentional and intelligent artist, equipping all of my students with the confidence, tools, and training to make and trust their own artistic choices, both in shaping the music and in shaping their careers.


I offer both in home lessons or a studio location.

Kateland has been teaching voice lessons since 2011. She has her Masters of Music in Voice Performance from San Francisco Conservatory of Music, her Bachelors of Music from UC Irvine, and is a trained teaching artist.

Kateland's unique approach to teaching is an amalgamation of her years of classical training and performance, career goal setting, mindfulness, and acting training. She specializes in teaching musical theater and opera to students of all ages.

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